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Introducing Gighunt

by Clevon Noel

In February, we released Gighunt - an online platform featuring jobs and business requests (gigs) for consultants and consultancy. Today Gighunt featured 50+ companies and 90+ gigs and we intend to become a single digital space for all Caribbean jobs and business requests.

Gighunt is a user-friendly platform, fully operational on mobile and desktop devices from any location. It’s filter and search tools allow users to find gigs by title, type (job or request), contract type, request type and industry while its streamlined process allows companies, project managers, regional agents to post requests to attract top Caribbean talent.


Help Unemployment

Building GigHunt was a clear-cut case of trying to help solve a mutual problem. I’m involved with a few digital enterprises (Sonover, JollyLeaper, GHTA) and as a result, I regularly receive numerous job inquiries. I’ve continuously found it difficult to quickly direct people to a single place that could help them find the job they were looking for. The best we had was social media. Social media is great because there are lots of businesses who sometimes post vacancies on their business pages but some individuals find that their social media feeds become cluttered with numerous posts and it turns out to be just as hard to find what they need.

For Business Consultants and Consultancy

On the other hand, as a freelance photographer, web designer, mobile developer, or consulting firm, finding the next suitable work opportunity is critical to keeping your business growing. For this region, where information isn’t always readily available, you can spend hours scanning the internet to find the next suitable gig. GigHunt hopes to save time by being the single source for the next Caribbean gig.

For Project Managers & Regional Agencies

In emerging markets like the Caribbean, this central platform is just as useful for businesses as well. Most developers and freelancers are so busy working/keeping the lights on, they often miss out on opportunities to take advantage of opportunities for regional/inter-island consultations, projects and initiatives. Just before we released GigHunt, I was contacted by a colleague who needed recommendations of web developers. He needed a list of contacts to send out a Request for Proposal but didn’t know the audience. With GigHunt available, this doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. Businesses now have a dedicated channel through which to attract top Caribbean Talent. Whether its Expression of Interest, Request for Quotes, Call for Proposal or any other business request, Gighunt can help.

Bottom Line

We created this digital space to help businesses to publish the Caribbean’s latest gigs to acquire the top talent.

We hope you'll like GigHunt. Give it a spin!

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