Spend Management

Track. Manage. Approve.

Spend Management for your
Small Business

Quickly verify and approve payments of all business expenses. Our digital spend management system allows you to track, manage and approve payment requests.

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Metarelic spend management system helps you instantly distribute and track payment requests, approve payment disbursements and manage your company’s expense budget in real-time.


Cut the wait time on approval for payments to vendors, suppliers and other expenses, maintain real-time tracking of your expense budget.


Collect meaningful data on each payment, keep track of key performance indicators to better inform project outputs and make data-driven financial decisions


Keep project managers, program advisors, co-founders and other key decision-makers connected. Instantly share information on pending payments, approval frequencies, limits and wait times.

How it works

Create a payment request with particulars

Our system allows employees to efficiently manage project expenses through seamless creation payment requests, detailing critical vendor data and budget management.

Submit for approval

With instant approval requests, pending payments can be assigned to the key management personnel with minimal delays.


Our solution helps track project budget, approval requests and disbursements in real-time allowing you to critically appraise, approve and prepare for present and future expense payments

Make disbursement

With a single click, notify all levels of upper and lower management responsible for specific transactions. Simple. Seamless, Management.

Smooth integration with your finance software

Import transactions to your current expense management and accounting software with our seamless software integration.


The most popular system to manage your accounting, get invoices paid, accept payments, and much more.

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A simple, powerful and free accounting platform for small business and independent contractors.

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