Workforce Efficiency: Employee Self-Service Made Easy

Experience the future of employee self-service with our feature-rich mobile app. From easy access to payslips, reimbursement, and leave management to seamless organisation switching.
Metarelic Teams

Your complete workplace companion

Seamless Payslip Access

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper payslips, and access your payment information, deductions, and tax details at your convenience.
Gain access to all your pay record
Download and share your payslip from your phone
Get insight to your next pay day
Coming Soon

Effortless Leave Management

Simplify leave requests and approvals for your work-life balance. Our intuitive leave management system lets you request time off with ease, while supervisors can quickly review and approve requests.
Easy access to your remaining leave balances
View your comprehensive leave request
Coming Soon

Simplify Reimbursements

Our system ensures a hassle-free reimbursement process, so you can focus on your work without the worry of paperwork and financial matters.
Track and submit expenses with ease.
Upload receipts, and submit reimbursement requests
Automatically synced to your next payroll

Making it easy to achieve a stress-free work life balance

Easy Sign-Up
Get started with a hassle-free onboarding process, ensuring that you can begin using the app without delays
Synchronized User Data
Synchronize your basic information across all organizations and platforms, ensuring a seamless experience
Organizational Switching
Navigate between different organizations you work for, keeping your work life organized in one unified platform.
Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some questions you may have

How do I get started with Metarelic Teams?

Getting started is easy. Simply sign up with your email address, add your organization accounts, and begin using the app right away. We offer an easy sign-up process to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we take data security seriously. Your information is protected through robust security measures, ensuring it remains private and confidential.

What devices and platforms are compatible with Metarelic Teams?

is designed to work seamlessly on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets. It's accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

Does Metarelic Teams integrate with other software or HR system?

Yes, Metarelic teams is integrated with our own robust HR and Payroll system, making it even more versatile and adaptable to your organization's needs.

Experience the seamless work-life balance